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Day 04: Shkoder – Koman Lake – Prizren (160km – 4h30min)   The first stop after the border will be in Vergina (3h30min), where we enjoy a
        (Albania/Kosovo)                                       delicious lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we’ll learn more about the history
        Breakfast, check out of your hotel. Transfer to Koman Dam (2h30min). Board   of the ancient Greek Macedonian Kingdom see one of the best archaeological
        the ferry and enjoy a 2 ½ hour sail in Koman Lake amidst stunning panoramic   sites in Greece, the stunning Macedonian Vergina Tombs, where the remains of
        views of the Drini River Valley, canyons, waterfalls and amazing rock formations.   King Philip of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, were found.
        Arrive in Fierza in the afternoon and continue to Decani Monastery for a visit.   Continue driving to Thessaloniki for dinner and overnight (1h)
        Decan Monastery is a stunning white building with a small cupola founded in the
        14th century. Go inside the church to admire the frescoes with various scenes   Overnight in Thessaloniki: Hotel Anatolia 4* or similar
        from the Bible
        Continue driving to Prizren 1h30min.                   Day 07: Thessaloniki
        Overnight in Prizren: Hotel Kacinari 4*, or Hotel Centrum 3* or similar  Breakfast in the hotel. Meet the guest and start the tour of Thessaloniki, one
                                                               of the important city in Greece. Thessaloniki is home to numerous notable
        Day 05: Prizren – Gracanica – Skopje (180km – 3hrs)    Byzantine monuments, including the Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments
        (Kosovo/North Macedonia)                               of Thessalonica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as several Ottoman
        This morning we’ll discover Prizren, the cradle of cultural wealth of Kosovo   and Sephardic Jewish structures.
        people. The walking tour will explore the Old town with its Ottoman bridge,   After tour possibility for optional lunch
        water fountain, their unique mosques and orthodox churches. Visit Sinan Pasha
        Mosque, Stone Bridge and Shadervan.                    Afternoon, enjoy in leisure a promenade along the seaside.
        Departure to  Skopje/North  Macedonia, with  stop en route  to visit  another
        beautiful monastery of Gracanica. Southeast of Pristina city is the Gračanica   Overnight in Thessaloniki: Hotel Anatolia 4* or similar
        Monastery, built about 1313–21 under the Serbian king Stefan Uroš II Milutin.
        The monastery is a fine work of Balkan architecture containing valuable frescoes   Day 08: Thessaloniki – Airport (20km – 40min)
        and in 2006 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.   Breakfast and check out of the hotel. Free time until your departure to the Airport.
        You have possibility to have lunch in an Ethno House near the Monastery.
                                                               Transfer to Airport.
        Continue our driving to Skopje (1h30min)
        Upon arrival, start with the visit of Skopje, known for the contrast between old   End of service
        ottoman town and the modern city. The tour will highlight the Old Town, the
        narrow streets in the Old Bazaar, the Memorial House of Mother Teresa and the
        beautiful quay of the Macedonian river, “Vardar”, an exciting tourist destination.
        Dinner and overnight in Skopje                           Supplements
                                                                 *Entrance Fees:
        Overnight in Skopje: Hotel Sultan Modern 4*, or similar   -Kotor: Old town – 1 euro/ St. Tryphon Cathedral – 3 euro
                                                                 -Cetinje: Old Town – 1 euro/Museum of King Nicolas – 5 euro
        Day 06: Skopje – Vergina – Thessaloniki (340km – 4hrs)
        (North Macedonia/Greece)                                 -Shkodra: Rozafa Fortress – 4 euro
        Enjoy a morning drive on eastern part of Macedonia towards the northern   -Prizren: Old town/Sinan Pasha Mosque
        Greece.                                                  -Decan: Visoki Monastery – 6 euro
        (Please note time difference between North Macedonia & Greece: 0/+1).   -Gracanica: Gracanica Monastery – 3 euro
                                                                 -Skopje: Old town/Mother Theresa Memorial House
                                                                 -Vergina: Tombs Museum  - 14 Euro
        Departure Dates:                                         -Thessaloniki: White tower   8 Euro
                           May    June  July  August  September  -Boat tour – Skadar Lake – 10 euro
              G005          1     12     10     7      11        - Boat tour – Koman Lake – 10 euro
                            15    26     24    21      25        *Meal: starting from 16 euro
             Pp in DBL room  1099  1145  1155  1155   1135       *Wine testing: starting from 18 euro
             Pp in SGL room  1365  1410  1420  1420   1420       *Folk Show: 320 euro
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