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(2h45min). UNESCO World Heritage Site                  UNESCO protection due to its unique value and is home 17 species of aquatic
        Many houses in Gjirokastra have a distinctive local style that has earned the   animals, 70% of which are native and 30% migrant
        city the nickname “ Stone Town” of because most of the old houses have roofs
        covered with stones. Of a great importance and interesting to be visit, are the   Free time in Pogradec and enjoy lunch
        Ethnographic Museum or known as the Enver Hoxha house. Explore the bazaar,
        with its characteristic shops and great opportunity to interact with local folks.   Drive back to Durres, with stop en route for refreshments in Elbasan (3hrs)
        Enjoy a typical lunch at a local restaurant
                                                               Overnight in Durres: PREMIUM BEACH HOTEL 5* or similar
        Drive back to Durres
                                                               Day 07: Durres - Kruje – Durres (100km – 2hrs)
        Overnight in Durres: PREMIUM BEACH HOTEL 5* or similar   After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll drive to Kruja hilltown for one hour. The tour will
                                                               pass through the cobblestone pathway to the Ottoman bazaar, with wooden
        Day 05: Durres – Tirana – Durres (100km – 2hrs)        shops and displays of various gifts and antique household items. The visit within
        After breakfast at the hotel, drive to Tirana          the walls of the castle will include the historic museum dedicated to Scanderbeg
        Tirana, the capital of Albania, is an important city with a history enriched by the   and his resistance against the Ottoman invasion.
        interaction of cultural forces originating in the Islamic and European Christian   Free time for shopping in the old bazar & typical lunch at a local restaurant
        worlds. During the tour, you will encounter the impact of these influences in the
        Tirana’s architecture. The tour will highlight some symbols and remains of the   Drive back to Durres
        communism era to provide you with a general understanding of Albanian history
        Time for lunch at a local restaurant                   Folk Show – Farewell dinner
        (Optional Tour – Cable Car to Dajti Mountain)          Overnight in Durres: PREMIUM BEACH HOTEL 5* or similar
        This tour starts with a relaxed trip up the mountain with the Dajti Express cable
        car gondolas, which offers a great view over Tirana and its surroundings. From   Day 08: Durres – Airport (35km – 45min)
        the peak, the panorama broadens inland and you can enjoy the beautiful   Breakfast at the hotel, check out
        panorama  of Lake  Bovilla locked  between  the mountains  and the  remote   Transfer to the Airport for your flight back home (40min)
        highlands of Tirana.
                                                               End of Service
        In the afternoon you may have a nice coffee time in Museum Coffee Bar:
        KOMITETI - here, everything, from furnitures, music, waitress uniform and also
        the options to drink, are from the comunist time. Is a very cool presentation in a
        nicer way form the young generation of this period      Supplements
                                                                *Entrance Fees:
        Free time on your own and then drive back to Durres     -Shkoder: Rozafa Fortress – 4 euro/Venetian Art Mask Factory – 3 euro
                                                                -Kruje: Museum of Scanderbeg – 5 euro/Ethnographic Museum – 4 Euro
        Overnight in Durres: PREMIUM BEACH HOTEL 5* or similar   -Durres: Roman Amphitheater – 3 euro
                                                                -Berat: Berat Fortress – 3 euro/Onufri Museum – 5 euro
        Day 06: Durres – Pogradec – Durres (340km – 6hrs)       -Gjirokastra: The castle – 4 euro/Ethnographic Museum – 2euro
        Breakfast at the hotel, check out and depart to Pogradec (3 hrs)
        The city of Pogradec was built on the southwestern shores of Lake Ohrid and   -Tirane: National Historic Museum – 5 euro/Bunk’Art Museum – 5 euro
        is one of the most notable cities of Albania for its tradition in hosting “family   -Dajti: Cable Car – 8 euro
        tourism” and for the pleasant, fresh climate during the summer season. The   *Meal: starting from 16 euro
        road to Pogradec passes along the shore of the tectonic Lake Ohrid, the   *Wine testing: starting from 18 euro
        deepest lake in the Balkans (285 m). This 2-4 million year old lake is under   *Folk Show: 320 euro
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