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Day 04: Gjirokastra – Ioannina – Kalambaka (200km - 4 hrs.)  Visit St. Bogorodica Perivlepta Church & St Sophia Cathedral and the stunning
        Many houses in Gjirokastra have a distinctive local style that has earned the   St. John Kaneo Church (outside only).
        city the nickname “Stone Town”. Visit of the Castle and explore the old town,   After  lunch  at  a  local  restaurant  in  the  old  town,  enjoy  a  boat  ride  on  this
        the bazaar, with its characteristic shops and great opportunity to interact with   extraordinary lake (Optional)
        local folks. This UNESCO site  has something  unique to offer to his visitors.   Afternoon optional visit to a monastic complex of St. Naum
        Continue driving to Ioannina/GRECCE. Please note, border procedures and
        time difference between Albania & Greece: 0/+1         Overnight in Ohrid: Hotel SU 4* or similar
        Enjoy lunch in Ioannina and some free time in the city center. Proceed driving to
        Kalambaka, with stop en route for refreshments.        Day 07: Ohrid – Tirana (140km – 3h30min)
        Overnight in Kalambaka: Hotel Meteora 4* or similar    AM – After breakfast at the hotel departure to Tirana/ALBANIA with stop en route
                                                               for refreshments.
        Day 05: Kalambaka – Bitola – Ohrid (300km – 5hrs)      Please note, border procedures: Guests are kindly asked to keep their
        Today we’ll start the visit of the Monasteries. METEORA - is actually a religious   passports handy
        place with many Byzantine churches and Monasteries, built on top of rocks that
        looks like hanging rocks, overlooking a beautiful valley. Visit of two Monasteries   PM –We shall explore the capital city of Albania, including some of the historical
        the Holy Monastery of Varlaam & Monastery of St. Stephan  highlights, as city Centre, Skanderbeg Statue, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Clock tower,
                                                               Italian buildings and Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard.  Visit the ex-communist
        Important notice: For entering the monasteries of Meteora, appropriate   buildings, painted with vibrant colors and the expansion of city.
        clothing is required. Ladies must not wear short skirts and must have long
        sleeves. Men are not allowed to wear shorts. However, all the monasteries   Overnight in Tirana: Hotel Colosseo 4*, or Opera 4* or similar
        have wrap skirts at the entrances that you can borrow
                                                               Day 08: Tirana – Tirana APT (20km – 30min)
        After the visit, we’ll drive towards North Macedonia AM – Enjoy the drive through   AM – Morning time to explore
        northern Greece, crossing the border to Macedonia, with stop en route for   Tirana market place, or shopping. Visit of National Historic Museum
        Please note, border procedures and time difference between Greece & North   Transfer to Airport
        Macedonia: 0/-1
                                                               End of service
        After the border crossing, we may stop for a sightseeing of Bitola city, an
        administrative, cultural, industrial, commercial, and educational center and one   Supplements
        of the oldest cities on the territory in the Republic of Macedonia, founded by   *Entrance Fees:
        Philip the second. Have a nice walk to Sirok Sokak, before our departure to   -Kruje: Museum of Scanderbeg – 5 Euro/Ethnographic Museum – 4 Euro
        Ohrid.                                                  -Berat: Berat Fortress – 3 euro/Onufri Museum – 5 euro
                                                                -Saranda: Butrint Archaeologic Park – 10 euro
        Overnight in Ohrid: Hotel SU 4* or similar
                                                                -Gjirokastra: The castle – 4 euro/Ethnographic Museum – 2euro
        Day 06: Ohrid – St. Naum – Ohrid (70km – 2hrs)          -Meteora: Holy Monastery of Varlaam – 3 euro/St. Stephan Monastery – 3 euro
        Breakfast in the hotel, and start the tour of Ohrid Old Town, which is situated   -Ohrid: The Church of St. Bogorodica Perivlepta - 2 euro/St. Sophie Cathedral - 2 euro
        at  the  lake  side  resort  of  Ohrid,  classified  as  a  UNESCO`s  World  Cultural   -Tirane: National Historic Museum – 5 euro
        Heritage site. Nicknamed the ‘Jerusalem of the Balkans’, Ohrid is one of the   - Boat tour – Ohrid Lake – 10 euro
        oldest settlements in Europe, and was once considered to be the epicenter   *Meal: starting from 16 euro
        of religion and Slavic culture. Its history is evident in every building that lines   *Wine testing: starting from 18 euro
        the city’s old town.                                    *Folk Show: 320 euro

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