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      G003              5 Days Gourmet Tour Albania

      The tradition of hospitality is a sacred virtue in Albania. The idea of hospitality and respect for the voyager and the guest, has been always related to
      the idea of food, health and house. Albanians say “my house is the house of my guest” and referred to our tradition it cannot possibly happen otherwise!
      Albanian has always offered to his guest “bread, salt and his heart”. The served table means not only good food, but it represents respect, honor and
      gratitude towards the gest. The Albanians have proven their cooking mastery and have praised it through words (in literature and poems), colors
      (in pictures and photos), artistic movements and expressions (dance and theatre), focusing on generosity, hospitality and cordiality.
      Day 01: Tirana Airport – Shkodra (87km – 1h 30min)
      WELCOME IN ALBANIA!!                                     Included:
      Arrival in Tirana Airport and transfer to Shkodra        • Accommodation in 4* hotels
                                                               • Breakfast
      Enjoy an afternoon sightseeing tour of the city. The architectural elements   • Guide English speaking
      indicate a mix from the ottoman, Austrian, Italian and communist architectural   • Private transport
      To try during the dinner:
      The variety of meat dishes include veal, seasonal goat, wild pork fillet and grilled
      Overnight in Shkodra: Hotel Alis 4*, or Tradita Gheg and Tosk 3*, or similar
      Day 02: Shkodra – Kruja (88km – 1h 30min)
      AM: Visit the VENETIAN ARTS MASK FACTORY in Shkoder. By coming to the   Durres        Tirana
      source you can not only see how they are produced but can purchase your
      own mask at a greatly reduced price.
      Our journey will take you to the captivating legendary castle of Rozafa,
      overlooking Shkoder (Skadar) lake and Adriatik Sea, once the stronghold of the
      brave Adrian Illyrian tribe. Join us to explore the mix of the ancient and modern       Berat
      trail of history and traditions of locals in the north western Albania.
      PM:  To  try  during  the  lunch:  Lunch  on  the  way  to  Kruja  –  Mrrizi  i  Zanave
      Agritourist farm (30 min from Shkodra)                                               ALBANIA
      The tantalizing dishes include baked cheese, clay baked lamb, wild mushrooms,
      wild blueberries, pitas from homegrown corn.
      Continue to Kruja. (1.5 hrs.) The walking tour takes you through the Ottoman
      bazaar,  wooden  shops  and  displays  various  gifts  and  antique  items  for  the
      (Specialty to try for dinner: Fergesë me mish viçi (Furghes with Veal; the dessert
      called KABUNI - a traditional Albanian dessert.

      Overnight in Kruja: Hotel Panorama 3+*, or similar

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