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Day 03: Kruja – Berat (135km – 2h 30min)               Çobo’s facilities currently consist of several cultivated vineyards, a spacious
        AM: KRUJA, is considered one of the principal old town and is one of the most   kulla (a form of traditional Albanian architecture), and the winery itself, and a
        glorious cities in Albania. Visit the castle walls, Historical Museum dedicated   wine presentation room, elegantly constructed and furnished in the Berat style.
        Skanderbeg, and an old house converted into an ethnographic museum, invites   Proceed driving to Tirana (2h30min)
        you to a special cultural aspect of life in northern Albania.
        PM: Well-known Uka Farm is enriched with a new concept, known as “from   Optional Folk Show
        farm to table”, or paraphrased, everything from the earth to the table. Exclusive
        foods made in Albania or better, made in Uka Farm      Overnight in Tirana: Hotel Metro 4*, or Opera 4*, or similar
        Continue our driving to Berat (120 km – 2 hrs.)        Day 05: Tirana – Airport (20km – 30min)
        Visitors will find a special welcome, pleasant environments of relaxing, enjoying   AM: Tirana, the capital of Albania, is the biggest city in Albania, with a long
        the traditional characteristic cuisine with famous homemade cooking in a   history enriched by the interaction of cultural forces originating in the Islamic
        traditional house in Berat. Berat olives, pie, stuffed grape leaves, wine and raki   and European Christian worlds. During the tour, you will encounter the impact
        (traditional alcoholic drink)                          of  these  influences  in  the  Tirana’s  architecture.  The  tour  will  highlight  some
                                                               symbols and remains of the communism era to provide you with a general
        Overnight in Berat: Hotel Grand White City 4*, or similar   understanding of Albanian history.
                                                               Visit of the National Historic Museum & Bunk’Art Museum
        Day 04: Berat – Tirana (135km – 2h 30min)
        AM: BERAT - Known as the “City of one thousand windows” is declared a   To try during the tour:  A special dinner in a traditional old house with good wine,
        Museum City” and is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Medieval Sites.   tasting local dishes like: Tave Kosi (baked lamb with yoghurt), also known as
        The town is composed of 3 parts; Gorica, situated on the far side of the river;   Tave Elbasani, after the city in central Albania where it originates
        Mangalem, situated on the fortress side of the river and the Residential quarter
        within the fortress known as Kalaja. The old part of the city has some religious   Free time until your departure to the Airport
        buildings like mosque and Byzantine churches. Visit the Fortress; The Onufri’s   Transfer to Airport (30 min)

        PM: Wine testing in Cobo Winery – Wine testing: The Çobo Winery is scenically
        nestled at the base of Mt. Tomorri in the rolling hills that surround the city of Berat.

                                                                *Entrance Fees:
                                                                -Shkoder: Rozafa Fortress – 4 euro Pp/Venetian Art Mask Factory – 3 euro Pp
                                                                -Kruje: Museum of Scanderbeg – 5 Euro Pp /Ethnographic Museum – 4 Euro Pp
                                                                -Berat: Berat Fortress – 3 euro Pp/Onufri Museum – 5 euro  Pp
                                                                -Tirane: National Historic Museum – 5 euro Pp /Bunk’Art Museum – 5 euro Pp
                                                                *Meal: starting from 16 euro Pp
                                                                *Wine testing: starting from 18 euro Pp
                                                                *Folk Show: 320 euro per total

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