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Dear Partners,

      Thank you!

      Thank you for having been in contact during
      this whole time, for having shared opinions
      and solutions on the current situation for
      tourism; to have been surprisingly optimistic
      and positive although the figures did not
      help us at all; for having been side by side in
      this different kind of journey;
      thank you so much to have been an important
      part of our aspiration and inspiration for next

      Adapting with the dificulties that this unusual
      year brought, we decided to come to you in
      another form:
      through our Guarantee Departures.
      With all our teams: Product, Contract and
      Operation we want to be closer to you in
      every month of the year, so you will always
      have an option by us starting from 2 guests
      for a wide range of choices which were cured
      with very much care to be suitable for a wide
      range of requests: short or long trips; leissure
      or  thematic  tours;  multiple  choices  in  every
      month of the year, all this adapted with the
      strict rules, which puts first the security and
      safety of our guests.

      Despite the situation and damages born
      with it, we are proud to be able to still share
      positivity and hope and all this has been put in
      this assemble of 289 departure dates through
      which is the possibility to visit at the core the
      Balkan area.

      We are sure that 2021 will bring proffessionals
      even closer and all will be restored with good
      and hard work, so keep being healthy so we
      can start to travel freely again.
      Take care everyone!

      With very much appreciation,
      Enver Mehmeti and everyone at ALBTOURS D
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