Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

“Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore”, kindly informs all its clients using our online pages that when using these kind of services or making a reservation through it, aiming to offer the best service and reverting to clients request at the shortest time possible, it is indispensable from users to input some personal data and details, to complete the online reservation.

The company uses this webpage to enable its clients to create their own travel package according to their liking, booking and paying accordingly.

We assure you that your booking through “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” it is safely processed and your personal data are also legally preserved.

Inputting your personal data is not a condition set by “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” but a binding obligation to process an online booking.

Based on the Law no. 9887, date 10.03.2008 “On the protection of personal data”, in the Republic of Albania, “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” declares the following:

1. Definitions

In this agreement, the following terms will be explained as:

1.1. Agency: Legally registered entity which offers, searches, creates and delivers touristic journeys, travel tickets of different types of transportation and other travel related services in exchange of a service fee.

1.2 Cookie: A small piece of data sent from an online page and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that online page. Every time the user loads the online page, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the online page of the user’s previous activity.

2. Utilization of cookies

2.1. The online pages of the agency uses cookies to distinguish the visitors from each other. Some of the cookies are essential to make this online page work properly, to allow users to make travel reservations or booking and to enable the staff of the agency to purchase the requests of the users also. Our system collects and preserves standard information for statistical reasons, without divulging visitor’s identity and data.

2.2 Other types of cookies help the staff of the agency to provide the clients with a good experience when they browse the online page besides helping the staff of the agency to improve the online page. Cookies also provide information on agency’s special deals and offers.

2.3. Cookies are used for advertising on the online page.

3. Disclaimer on privacy

3.1. “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” is aware of the importance and sensitivity of personal data protection and all the actions made through this web page are treated in full respect of legally binding regulations to protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy stipulates the fundamental’s basis followed in the process of collecting processing or preserving clients’ or visitors’ personal data.

“Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” ensures all its clients and visitors on the protection of their personal data they handed to our company through online reservations or personally in our retail offices. All the data are processed through highly secured systems and used only for the purposes outline in this policy. All the staff working with this data is aware of the importance of this information and accept all the legal consequences when the revealing of such data is verified. The Data Protection importance is correspondingly stipulated on the internal company rules and procedures and is embraced with a proactive approach.

3.2. The following data of the visitors will be collected from the online page: a) Data provided to complete a reservation; b) Data provided to participate in a competition or promotion through the online page, to complete a survey or report a problem; c) Details of transactions ordered by clients to complete their reservations or booking; d) Whereas the client contacts the agency employees, a record of the e-mail address used by the client shall be also collected.

“Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” uses the most advanced travel technology to ensure its confidentiality to its clients and to provide high security level on personal data protection thus avoiding cases of unauthorized disseminations.

4. Preservation and Data Transfer

4.1. The data collected from the agency given on free will from the client shall be transferred or preserved in a destination outside Albania. These data may also be processed by the operating staff of the suppliers in order to guarantee the accommodation or any other travel need in process.

4.2. “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” holds different contracts with global suppliers which provide a booking at its end. “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore” guarantees the safety of the personal data transferred through these contracts agreed in accordance with international laws.

4.3 All data information provided will be preserved in the secured servers of “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore”.

4.4. The data collected from the agency shall be disclosed to the member agencies.

4.5. The data collected from the agency may be used to inform the clients on offers and information about the agency.

5. Cancellation of the data processing

The client is entitled to be informed on its personal data that the agency poses on it, and also to prevent the agency from processing its personal data for marketing purposes, via e-mail or via the forms completed on the online page.

6. Agreement on the Privacy Policy

By continuing the navigation on the online page of “Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore”, the client agrees to have their data collected by the agency.

For any question of information need that may arise on this policy please write to:

Person in charge for Privacy Policy and Data Protection:

“Albtours “D” Vas Tour Operatore”. Str. Ibrahim Rrugova, Nd. 28. H.8. Po.1019. Tirana, Albania.